What Are Ways Parents Combine Names for Babies?


Parents eventually started to combine names for their babies. This was done in several ways and could be taking two names and making them into a single name. There has been some who choose to use initials for names which also might sound like a single name. There are also some parents who have gotten very creative with switching letters in names to make a new name. The following selection of names will demonstrate the use of the previous ways of making combined or coined names. There are not a lot of meanings for these combined names, but the reader will find a few. The creators of the names were making a name for their baby that had some meaning to them as parents. This may become your choice for a way of naming your baby.

* Making One Name From Two:
There was a time in history when a baby was given two names instead of one which created the practice of first, middle and last name. At some point, parents began to choose two separate names and merged them into a single name. Different countries had different ways of beginning and ending the coined names and one will see this in the following sample of names. These combined names are mainly for females.

Annabeth, Annalise: These female names are made up from a combination of Anne and Elizabeth. These two names were really popular in European countries so were easy to combine. You may know someone with either one of these names.

Annmarie: It is easy to see that this name is a combination of Anne and Mary. When names first started to be combined, Mary or a variation of it, were often used. The variation of Mae for Mary was also used. The name can be seen as Annamarie or Annemarie.

Carolann: This is an English name for girls which is the combination of Carol and Anne. The names created from these two names seem to have been most popular in the 40s.

Emmylou: Emmy and Louise are the two names combined for this English female name. The name has had a bit of popularity and there is a country western singer named Emmylou Harris.

Joellen: This female name seems to have been created from Jo or Joel combined with Ellen. Jolene also seems to be a combination of the same two names popular around the middle of the 20th century.

Julisa: This female English name seems to come from the joining of Judy, Julia with one of the variations of Elizabeth.

Kayleigh: The name appears to be created from Katherine and Lee. There are a number of ideas about where the name came from. The various derivatives of the name include Caleigh Calli, Kaley, and Kalli.

Leeann: It is obvious that this female name combines Lee and Anne. There could be some connection to a Greek name, Leandra. This name and variants of it such as Leann, and Leanne have been popular in the second half of the 20th century.

Louanne: This name was popular during the mid 20th century and is a combination of Louise and Anne. Louana and Luanne are several variations of the name.

Marilou: A combination of Mary and Louise was popular in the early part of the last century.

550_101927572Marybelle: This female name offers several combinations, ie Mary and Belle or Mary and Isabel. A variant of the name is Maribel.

Maryjane: It is readily apparent that this name is a combination of Mary and Jane. It was popular around the early part of the 20th century. There is some thought that it dropped in use because it became a nickname for marijuana.

Roseanne: Although this name seems to be a combination of Rose and Anne, it could also be created from Roxanne. It became a popular name in the mid 20th century and there are some well known women with this name such as Rosanne Cash, Rosanne Arquette and Roseanne Barr.

Suellen: Susan and Ellen (Eleaor) are the names used to create this female name. Some of us might recall the character with this name in Gone With The Wind and JR’s wife in the television series Dallas.

* Consider The Use Of Initials:

All of us have probably met someone who has initials for a name. Doing this became fashionable first with use by men then with women. One positive thing about the use of initials is that they don’t give a clue to a person’s gender. There are also times when the initials sound so good together that they sound like a name. The following selection will have some names for both genders. As you read the samples, you will see the patterns.

Dee, Deedee: This is actually used for both genders, D., D.D. Dee was popular for males at the turn of the 20th century, lost popularity in the 60s as females began to use the name more frequently.

Elle: The female name would use the initial ‘L.” The name is most likely a variant of a name like Gabrielle. Elle is a French name that means ‘her.’ We have probably all heard of the movie Legally Blond in which the lead character had the name. This is a more recently popular name.

Essie: S. E. would be the initials used for this name which seems to be a variant of Estelle.

Icie: This is a female name from the initials I.C. The origin of this name seems to be the initials only. It was rarely used and only during the early 19th century.

Kaycee: K.C. are the initials and sound good enough together to sound like a complete name.

Ocie: This name was used for both genders early in the 20th centuries. The initialized name would be O.C. This name seems to come only from the initials sounding good together.

Opie: Way back when there was a famous television show called The Andy Griffith Show which had a main character with the name Opie or O.P.

* Invented Names:

Some parents these days are taking parts of names or switching some of the letters in a name to create a new name for a baby. The names may have some roots in names of other cultures or be created from parts of last names. This lends itself to some very creative names that may appeal to a lot or only a few people. Some of these invented names are one of a kind and totally unique. You can decide what you think by taking a look at the following selection of names.

Daisha: This name for a girl is a variation of names ending with “isha” such as Tisha or Trisha. Other variations of nhe name are Tiesha and Tyesha.

Deandre: This male name comes from a French last name DeAndre which means “descendant of Andrew.” The name makes an appearance in the 60s and the name or a variation has had some use since then. One thing that occurs is that, when a name begins with ‘de’, the variations are often started with the letter ‘k’ as in Keandre. Other variations of the name are Dondre and Deondre.

Deasia: It is possible that this female name is made up from Asia, the continent, but this origin is not certain. Sometimes the name is spelled DeAsia. A variant of the name is Nyasia.

Delisa: This is an Italian female name created from the last name DiLisa or Delisa which means “descendant of a woman named Lisa. It was most popular during the 60s. Derivatives of this name are Jalisa, Jaleesa, and Delisha.

Demarco, Demario: These male names are Italian and Spanish and come from last names DeMarco and DeMario. Both names were used in the 80s.

Denisha: This female name might be a variant of Denise or created from an interest in the ending letters ‘isha.’ It is possible that the name Kanisha or Kenesha may have derived from this name.

Dequan: This is a more recently popular male name. There are a number of spin offs of this name such as Jaquan, Raquan, Tyquan and Shaquan, This is a good example of the practice of changing beginning letters of a name to create a new name.

name-babies-bornDion, Dionte: The name Dion was used very early history possibly taken from Dionysius. There is a Shakespearian character with the name. The name Dionte started to be used in the 90s. Some derivatives of this name arfe Deate, Deone, Keion, and Keyon.

Enola: This female name is the word ‘alone’ spelled backwards. I was used around the turn of the 20th century. However, use of the name dropped off significantly when the Enola Gay dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.

Jakayla: This female name is derived from Mikayla and is a more recently used name. A derivative may be Jayla.

Javon, Javonte: There was a habit of using three consonants and whatever vowels one wanted in words. The name seems to have a bit of a mixed history involving Greek or Italian names. Derivatives of the name are Jovan, Jevon, Juwan and several others.

Jaliyah: This female name may have Arabic origins but that is uncertain. It has come into use in the last few decades.

Jazlyn: This female name seems to have been created from Jasmine combined with Lynn. It is also a more recently popular name.

Ladonna: “Lady” is the meaning of this Italian or Spanish female name. It had some popular use in the middle of the 20th century.

Lamar: “the sea” or “the lake” is the meaning of this French male name. It was one of those last names that started to be used as a first name in the 19th century. There was a congressman named Lamar Smith and there is a football player named Lamar Woodley/

Lashawn: This name has been used for both genders and sounds like Deshawn. The female version migh be seen as Lashonda or Lashanda.

Latisha: This female name could be Latin and come from Leticia. Daisha and Tyesha sound similar.

Latoya, Toya: There are woman with both of these names, but we are all probably most familiar with Latoya Jackson.

Lavon: This female name was used during the first part of the 20th century. Some derivatives from changing the first letter include Davon, Tavon, and Javon.

Leroy: “the king” is the meaning of this French male name and has been used since the 19th century.

Lina: This female name could be a derivative of any name ending in ‘lina’ such as Angelina or Carolina.

Mac: This is a Gaelic male name that means “son.” This name was taken from last names that started with ‘mc’ or ‘mac.’

Melinda: This female name seems to be derived from joining Linda and Melanie. It might be seen as Malinda. Most of us know Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates.

Myra: This female name could come from the name Mary or from the bishop of Myra who was St. Nicholas. It is seen nas early as the 16th century and was used in literature in the 19th century. The name is not typically used today.

Shanika: This female name is a combined name that may partly come from Nicolette. It became a popular name in the last decades of the 20th century. Tanika may be a derivative of the name.

Tavon: This male name is similar to Davon, Javon, Lavon, etc

Tyreese: This is a male name which might have been created from ‘ty’ joined with ‘rhys.’

Tyrik: It is possible that this male name has an Arabic origin and has come more recently into use. There are several versions of the name including Tyreek, Tyreke and Tyrique.

Van: This male name is a first name taken from Dutch last names that began with van. Van Johnson was a famous actor mid 20th century. The name is not frequently used at this time.

As parents interested in getting creative with names, the above names demonstrate several ways that people have coined names. There is the joining of two separate names into one, using initials and even switching sounds in a name to make a new name. Perhaps you have found an interesting way to create a name for your baby.

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