Pros And Cons OF Having A Train Table

Train tables is one of the most popular toys that you often see in toy stores or in kid’s libraries. They are so loved by kids with their huge and colorful display as well as lots and lots of trains and beautiful items. The best train table will be able to bring you a lot of fun playing time as well as helping with your kid’s development. However, it does bring some of the disadvantages that may discourage you from buying one for your kids.


First, here are some good points of having a train table.

1. It Looks Really Good

I remember the first time I saw a train table on display in Toys’ R Us store and were truly amazed by its look. All of the train tables come with a very detailed scene as they have trains, tracks – which are the main items. They also have trees, lakes or ponds, road and people as well.

I am an adult and I am amazed by how beautiful a train table is made. So kids will be even more thrilled at the sign of a train table.

Because of its good look, it can be a great asset to put in your living room.


2. It Helps Kids to Improve

Firstly, a train table as I mention, contain a lot of different things with different colors and designs. Therefore, your kid can learn about these objects as well as their colors and shapes quicker and in a very fun way.

Furthermore, with a train table, you can decorate it and make it into different set of scenes like in a real life. Your kid will play along with it by imagining different stories that could happen within this set of scene. By playing with the train table this way, your kid will sure do develop his creativity and imagination.

In addition, you can teach your kid to be organized as well. A train table often comes with drawers, which you can store the toys after use. You can teach your kid to put his toys inside that. Furthermore, your kid will learn that he is only allowed to put his train toys on the table. So you don’t have to come after him and clean the mess he creates any times any more.

Lastly, with a train table, your kid can learn to share it with his friends. It is quite hard to share a small toy among a group of kids. But with a big thing like a train table, your kid and his friends and sit in separate corner but still are able to enjoy the game at the same time.


Here are some drawbacks of having a train table at home you might want to consider:

1. It Is Pretty Big

Sure a train table looks pretty decent and compact when you see it in a bookstore or in a kid’s store. However, your house sure doesn’t have much space like those places. A normal train table will take up a lot of space in your house.

There are various types with different shapes for you to choose from. Surely you can buy a long thin train table but you also need to allow space or the long side as well.

With a train table, you can but should not place it against the walls. While it can save you a lot of room if you do so, your kid will find it hard to reach things at the blocked side of the train table.

Therefore, before you decide to buy a train table, you need to decide where you would put this and measure the designated areas’ dimensions before you come to the store.  It is worth noting that a train table in a large space will seems to be larger than its real size.

2. It Is Quite Expensive

Needless to say, a train table is a rather expensive toy at first. And sometimes, your kid will grow tired of the train table, making it quite a wasteful investment.

Luckily, there are several ways to fix that problem. You could buy different train sets and create a different lay out for your train table.

Furthermore, you can add in different items such as palm trees, houses and many other items like animals and even dinosaurs to turn your train table into a whole new different thing, which will sure attract the attention from your kid again.

Here are some of the most common benefits and drawbacks of a train table. In general, a train table appears to be a luxurious and expensive toy which costs a lot of space in your house and money in your wallet.

However, the benefits that a train table somehow outweigh all of the disadvantages. Your kid will have a wonderful toy which can enhance and support its imagination and creativity. Furthermore, your house will sure look cleaner and prettier with the train table.

I hope that my article will help you to decide if a train table is worth your investment or not. And if you decide to purchase one, I hope that you will have a lot of fun time playing it with your kid.

Hi! I am Tom Hardy, a toy advisor @ ToysAdvisors. I have three kids, and love to share with you about toys and equipments for kid.

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