What Are Ways Parents Combine Names for Babies?


Parents eventually started to combine names for their babies. This was done in several ways and could be taking two names and making them into a single name. There has been some who choose to use initials for names which also might sound like a single name. There are also some parents who have gotten very creative with switching letters in names to make a new name. The following selection of names will demonstrate the use of the previous ways of making combined or coined names Read more

Empathy is Everything

Tired toddler

I have often read that empathy is extremely important to children, but this holiday season really brought home to me what a fantastic tool it is for managing young and often scary emotions in children. I’m pretty sure all I did this month was restate 75% of what my son said. “You really want to open presents now.” “You can’t wait for Santa to come.” “You don’t want to leave the party.” “You’re so excited about Christmas.” over Read more

“Quiet Hero” a Lesson on Parenting’s Impact


This book is largely about one woman discovering her father’s significant role in the Polish resistance movement in Warsaw during WW2. At the factual level, it is a great lesson about the tremendous cost of war and the incredible acts of individual bravery that people exhibited. It reminds the reader that what we are experiencing now is nothing in comparison to the horrors of WW2 Read more

Parenting with Your Dishwasher


Having a child impacts your life in many ways, but it impacts your household appliances in only one way: it uses them as they were never intended to be used. Nothing gives a cleaning machine a workout like a little kid. If you have gotten by without a dishwasher so far, consider the following ways to parent with a dishwasher and see if it might be time for you to invest Read more